Poet Stu Kestenbaum April 6!

Our guest for the April 6th meeting (the last of the year) will be Stu Kestenbaum, Poet Laureate of Maine (as well as Interim Director of the Maine College of Art and past Director of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts). 
As you know, the book for the evening will be Prayers and Run-On Sentences, a collection of Stu’s poetry. 
We will  repeat what we did when Wes McNair (the prior Poet Laureate) visited, which is for each of us to choose a poem from the book that speaks to us in some way, read it aloud, and briefly explain why it was chosen.
In addition:  Stu has agreed to write one of his [remarkable] poems using words suggested by the group.  So from each of you planning on attending on April 6th, I need. . .one word.  Any word at all.  Don’t worry about its being “poetic” or “appropriate.”  Either hand it in Thursday or send it to Margery Irvine at  margery.irvine@gmail.com.

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